The Dyer County School System believes in successfully educating all students. We are solidly anchored in providing educational services to the children of Dyer County. Our focus is embedded in what is best for the students. We continue to expand the vision that was built many years ago by the Dyer County Legislative Body, the County Mayor, and the Dyer County Board of Education. The community serves each of the schools in a closely knit supportive capacity, which allows our students to be nurtured by caring teachers, supervisors, and support personnel each day.

The Dyer County School System is a special place. Each day personnel work hand in hand with parents, fellow educators, and community members to improve the educational experience for students of all backgrounds and abilities. We strive to communicate effectively and transparently about the educational goals and achievements of the students in our community. The Dyer County School System believes that all students can learn. We strive to ensure that our students succeed in college, career, and life.

The mission of the Dyer County Schools is to empower and inspire a community of learners to cultivate intellect, talent, and character. Our goal is to create a self-motivated, college and career ready productive citizen. Our district encourages learners to become leaders who reach their highest level of academic and personal performance while developing a culture of respect, integrity, compassion and work ethic.